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A Visit to State Academic Music and Drama Theater named after K. Kuanyshbayev

In order to implement the program “Ruhani zhangyru” on May 5, 2019, the teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages of Faculty of International Relations Ergaliyeva K.O. and the Department of Foreign Philology of Faculty of Philology Zhamanaeva G.N. with the students of the two faculties of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University organized a visit to Kazakh Music and Drama Theater K.Kuanyshbayev in which the premiere of the play “Saken Sunkar” was held.
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Karttarym kazynam

On 8 May, 2019 on the eve of Great Victory Day The Charity event “Karttarym kazynam” was held by senior teachers of Department of Practical Kazakh languages, faculty of Philology, Kurmashkyzy Asem and Tolegen Gabdrakhman in Nursing Home of Nur-Sultan city.
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