Nobody and nothing is forgotten!

Victory Day is one of the main holidays of our country, the most tragic and touching day. In different cities, a lot of people gathered near the monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War to lay flowers , keep quiet for a moment and tell them thanks again ... Thank you for our peaceful life, for our children and grandchildren, for their happiness !

Every year, teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Philology hold the activity dedicated to the greatest date - Victory in the Great Patriotic War. So, on May 7, 2019, a charity event was held to help and support the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and workers of the rear: Mukhamedzhanova Tleules Alibekovna and  Zhangunakova Gulzhuar Akhmetbekovna.

The teachers (Khamitova A.G., Otyzbayeva K.Zh., Smagulova B.G., Mussabayeva G.M.) congratulated the workers of the rear and presented gifts which were prepared by the teachers of the department of foreign languages ​​themselves on the eve of the holiday.

Veteran of the rear Mukhamedzhanova Tleules Alibekkyzy shared the memories of her bad, unhappy childhood and her mother who in spite of illness had to work for her children to feed them


Zhangunakova Gulzhuar Ahmetbekkyzy didn’t forget the last time when she saw her father and brothers who fought and died in the battle for their homeland. Having been an orphan,  Gulzhuar took care of her father's relatives. Gulzhuar was strongly excited and suffered by the memories of the past war times.

We are grateful to war veterans and workers of the rear for our peaceful life, which was blessed by a brave generation