Development Strategy of the Faculty

Faculty of Philology is a structural subdivision of the university, which was created on the basis of the reorganization of the historical-philological faculty according to the rector’s order No. 33-n of February 10, 2009.

The Faculty of Philology carries out continuous professional preparation of specialists in the field of philology, intercultural communication, integrates educational, scientific and practical activities in philology, realizes the educational process using modern effective teaching technologies, conducts active work in the field of international cooperation.

The main direction of the faculty's work is the rejection of rigid educational standards in favor of continuous educational innovations; shifting priorities from maintaining functionality to investing in human capital and moving from the regional isolation of the faculty to being included in international networking professional communities. To solve this problem, a whole range of measures has been developed that allow not only to carry out the production of knowledge and appropriate training of personnel, but also innovative activity, broadly understood as the implementation of scientific and educational potential in the market of goods and services.

The faculty is also responsible for the implementation of language disciplines (in Kazakh, Russian, English, German, French, Chinese) at other faculties of the university.

At the moment there are ten departments at the faculty:

• Department of Kazakh linguistics

• Department of Kazakh Literature

• Department of Russian Philology

• Department of Theory and Practice of Translation

• Department of Foreign Philology

• Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages

• Department of Chinese Philology

• Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

• Department of practical Kazakh language

•          Department of Foreign Languages