Department of theoretical and applied linguistics


The Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics was established in 2012 as a result of the reorganization of the Department of Russian Philology by the decision of the Academic Council of the L.N. Gumilev ENU (Protocol No. 8 of July 2, 2012). 

The head of the department is Ph.D., Professor E.A. Zhuravleva - linguist, specialist in the field of language theory, sociolinguistics, intercultural communication, winner of the state grant "The Best university teacher" (2006, 2015). 

The level of qualification of teachers is very high, the department consists of 25 teachers, including 5 - Doctors of Sciences, professors Sh.K. Zharkynbekov, E.A. Zhuravleva, M.B. Nurtazina, Zh.N. Zhunusova, Zh.A. Jambaeva; 9 - Candidates of Sciences, associate professors B.M. Asmagambetova, F.K. Isenova, A.A. Shakhin, D.S. Tashimkhanova, B.H. Galieva, G.K. Ayupova, M.K. Sharipova, T.S. Kusainova, A.B.Nurgazina; 2 PhD doctors Zh.B. Seliverstova, M.V. Loginova; 7 Masters of Russian Philology E.E. Yavorskaya, A.K. Eshekeneva, D.A. Postolyuk, A.H. Abdrakhmanova, D.Z. Shaimerdenova, K.E. Akhmetchina, O.S. Potapchuk; 1 Master of Polish Philology Katarzyna Bednarovich.

Many of the teachers currently working are graduates of the Tselinograd State Pedagogical Institute and the university founded later on its basis. These are M.B. Nurtazina (1974 release), B.M. Asmagambetova (1978 release), K.K. Akhmetova (1978 release), E.E. Yavorskaya (Mamekova) (2000 release), J.B. Seliverstova (2005 release), A.K. Eshekeneva, O.S. Potapchuk (2006 release). 

The Department currently trains specialists in a three-stage program: bachelor's degree - Master's degree - PhD doctorate. 

Russian Russian Language and Literature Majors: 6B01718 – "Russian language and Literature", 6B02306 – "Philology: Russian language" 

Russian Russian Language and Literature majors: 7M01718 – "Russian Language and Literature", 7M02306 - "Philology: Russian Philology", 7M02301 - "Linguistics"

Specialty of the PhD doctoral program: 8D02305 - "Philology" (by specialization:  linguistics). 

Russian Russian and professional Russian language teaching is also provided by the Department as a service department at the following faculties of the University: Information Technology, Mechanics and Mathematics, Physics and Technology, History, Social Sciences and Journalism.

In connection with the expansion of international relations of L.N. Gumilev ENU and the training of foreign students at the university, the teachers of the department specialize in the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language (Prof. A.E. Agmanova, Associate Professor B.M. Asmagambetova, B.H. Galieva). 


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