Department of the Russian Philology

The department began its history in 1962. More than 50 years of scientific and pedagogical activity of the department is aimed at training specialists in the Russian language, Russian literature and methods of teaching Russian for Kazakhstan.

Since 2012 the department functions in a new team composition. The head of the Russian Philology Department is Doctor of Philology, Professor Kadisha Rustembekovna Nurgali.

Teaching at the department is conducted on 40 disciplines of different directions and levels of specialists training.

Preparation and graduation of bachelors is in two educational programs – "Philology: Russian Philology" and "Russian Language and Literature". In particular, the department provides teaching a block of literary disciplines of the above-mentioned specialties.

The department participates in preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff with postgraduate education: masters of Russian language and literature, masters of Philology and PhD doctors in Philology.

According to these directions of the department, textbooks and training manuals are published, that are devoted to actual problems of the literary criticism of artistic works and the methodology of teaching literary disciplines.

Perfection of the methodology of teaching Russian as a non-native language. As a service department the teaching of compulsory disciplines "Russian language" and "Professional Russian language" for all specialties of the university with Kazakh languages ​​of tuition is provided.

The department developed and produced series of training manuals on the Russian language and Professional language, released series of methodological recommendations on selected subjects of disciplines, developed test tasks for current and midterm control of students' knowledge.

Specialization in the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language. The department is progressing in this area as well. For the staff members of the department this scientific direction is one of the priority.

In connection with the expansion of international relations of the L.N.Gumilyov ENU with universities of foreign countries and increasing demand for providing educational services for the study of the Russian language the department participates in the implementation of the international program "Academic Mobility of Students". For example, students from Poland, Korea, China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and other countries study Russian of levels B1 and B2 (according to international standards).

With the purpose of raising the qualification of the department in this scientific and pedagogical field, foreign professors from different countries of the world are invited by the university.

Teachers of the department are winners of competitions "Best Teacher of the Year" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and holders of grants of various international funds, and also have awards and titles: Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Breastplate "For Merits in the Development of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan", and the Y.Altynsarin Breastplate.

The department has a student scientific society "Russian literature through the eyes of the young" and a literary group.

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 Graduate model for the educational program of the specialty "7M01718-Russian language and literature"