Department of Foreign Philology


Foreign philology department is an excellent gateway to quality studies in your future professional field, the "queen" among the humanitarian areas of training Here you gain new knowledge in a friendly academic atmosphere, where a student is never merely ‘a number’ but rather an individual with one own’s strength and talents. You learn English and another European language of your choice, get acquainted with the subtleties of linguistic and literary sciences, study the history and culture of Great Britain and America, and master the basics of editorial business, intercultural communication. Practically oriented studies, our individual approach towards our students, excellent opportunities for participating in research work to establish contacts with potential employers yet during the study period, will unlock your gateway towards knowledge, professional experience and personal growth. 

We have always been welcoming international students as well staff from all over the world.


Future profession 

Upon completion of the training, graduates can work as English teachers in secondary and secondary special educational institutions. As translators, editiors, specialists in intercultural communication in state, municipal and commercial institutions, companies. Bureaus and firms having regular contacts with foreign partners or dealing with foreign language materials.

 Mission, vision and values of the Department of Foreign Philology

The definition of the mission and vision of the Department of Foreign Philology are determined by the fact that the priority areas are the training of highly qualified and competitive specialists in the field of foreign philology and foreign languages, which is absolutely important for the modern language policy of Kazakhstan

 The department sees its main mission in high-quality training of specialists with knowledge of foreign languages, with the skills of pedagogical and research work, intercultural and professional communication, competitive and competent in the field of information and communication technologies.

Vision: the formation and strengthening of scientific potential focused on the systematic acquisition of advanced knowledge and technologies based on fundamental and applied research in the fields of foreign linguistics and literary studies, as well as modern linguodidactics, is based on creating conditions for the development of scientific and educational activities of the teaching staff in order to prepare competitive and competent graduates of bachelors, masters and PhD.

The values that form the basis of all educational, educational and research activities of the Department of Foreign Philology are focused on current priorities in the development of national education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Gumilev ENU and the Faculty of Philology of the University. The main focus is on the development of corporate culture, sustainable motivation for quality training, the desire to improve the content of training, to form the best cohort of teaching staff, attracting the best graduates of secondary schools in the region and metropolitan educational organizations, expanding international contacts and studying the requirements of the labor market.


Objectives of the Department of Foreign Philology

Objective 1. Implementation of educational programs of higher and postgraduate education in the areas of "6B02310 - Foreign philology" (English), "6B01720 - Foreign language: two foreign languages (German)", "7M023 - Foreign philology", "8D02310 - Foreign philology", "8D01719 - Foreign language: two foreign languages language".

Objective 2. Development of fundamental and applied scientific research, increasing the publication and citation of scientists of the Department of Foreign Philology in the scientometric databases Web of Science, Scopus.

Objective 3. Strengthening international relations, forming joint educational programs with foreign partners, organizing a full-fledged exchange of teachers and students with leading foreign universities. 

Objective 4. Positioning of the Department of Foreign Philology as a promising scientific and educational center of a foreign language direction in the world labor market. 

Objective 5. Creation of favorable conditions for permanent personal, creative and professional growth of teaching staff of the department, doctoral students, undergraduates and students.

           Head of the department: Doctor of Philology, Professor A.Ye. Bizhkenova

        The educational program in the specialty 6В02310 - “Foreign Philology”, 6M021000 - “Foreign Philology” over the past six years are among the three leading in the ratings of IAAR and IQAA in the republic. Rating of IAAR of 2019: 6В02310 - "Foreign philology (English)"-2nd place, 7М02310 - "Foreign philology"- 3rd place, 8D02310 - "Foreign philology"-3rd place. In 2020, the educational program "Foreign Philology" received the 1st place in the rating of educational programs of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken". Rating of IAAR of 2021: 6В02310 - "Foreign philology -2nd place, 7М02310 - "Foreign philology"- 3rd place, 8D02310 - "Foreign philology"-2nd place. In 2022, according to the IAAR rating, the educational program 6B02310 – "Foreign Philology" received 2nd place, OP 7M02310 – "Foreign Philology" - 2nd place and 8D02310 – "Foreign Philology" 2nd place, 8D01719 - "Foreign language: two foreign languages" - 3rd place.

Certificates of accreditation of educational programs in the IAAR