Practice and employment

Students in professional practice performed useful work for the country

117 students of 2, 3 courses of specialties 5B011700 - Kazakh language and 5B020500-Philology: the Kazakh language passed the summer professional practice of the 2019–2020 academic year in the National Scientific and Practical Center “Shalaymetov” named after the Language Policy Committee of the Ministry of Culture and sports (scientific leaders: Ph.D., Professor L.A. Espekova, Ph.D., Associate Professor K.K.Sarekenova, PhD K.Kenzhalin, D.Sc., Professor Sh. Kurmanbayeva, senior lecturer K. Shaimerdenova, Ph.D., associate professor Zh.K.Omirbekova and Ph.D., associate professor S.S.Shokabayeva).
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