Department of Translation Theory and Practice

The Department of Translation Theory and Practice is one of the leading departments of the School of Philology. In 1994, the Translation Department was established, since 17 October 2005, by order No. 169, it was renamed the “Department of General Linguistics and Translation Theory. From 6 November 2018 the department was renamed the "Department of Translation Theory and Practice"The educational process of the department is based on a three-level program of study and is carried out in the following educational programs: Вachelor's degree: 6B02307 Translation Studies”Master's degree: 7M02302 Translation Studies”Master's degree: 7M02307 Translation Studies: Oral translation”Master's degree: 7M02307 “Digital translation РһD Doctoral studies: 8D02307 Translation Studies”.



The Department’s  staff is 17 teachers. It is a professional team with great scientific and educational-methodical potential. The head of the Department is PhD Yeskindirova M.ZH. There are 5 Doctors of Sciences, 2 Candidates of Sciences, 6 PhD, 4 MA at the department. The members of the Department take an active part in writing monographs and textbooks. They publish articles in scientific journals and participate in scientific and practical conferences held abroad.


Teachers and students of the Department actively participate in events held at the university, faculty and student hostel. The club Young Translator was organized at the Department. The graduates of the Department are on-fire specialists in modern society and they are working for the benefit of independent Kazakhstan.