Department of Chinese Philology

The department of "Chinese Philology" of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University is one of the leading educational, scientific, methodological centers of the country. The department provides educational undergraduate programs  of 5B021000- Foreign Philology: Chinese (in Kazakh and Russian languages). Since 2011 up until 2019 the department was headed by Professor Duken Masimkhanuly; since May 2019 - by doctor Akbarkan Dauletali.

The department employs 14 professors, including 4 PhD, 2 candidates of sciences, 9 masters.

On January 13, 2011 the chancellor of the ENU signed an executive order to create the department of "Chinese philology". In 2015 the department held its first graduation ceremony. Graduates got the job of their dream and some received a grant for a master's degree in China.

Faculty and staff of the department consists of highly qualified specialists: Chinese language and literature teachers, most of whom received education in China. The staff annually takes skills development courses in China. For this reason we we also invite foreign professors who give lectures both for our staff and students. Our professors are engaged in scientific activities, publishing their works in local and foreign publications, working on teaching materials.

We work closely with the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan and leading universities of the PRC, such as the Central University for nationalities and the University of Foreign Languages ​​in Beijing, Xi'an University of Foreign Languages, and Shanghai University. Students can apply for an exchange program to study in these universities.  In addition, according to the double diploma agreement with Shanghai University, our students have the opportunity to continue their education at Shanghai University in their 3rd-4th year undergraduate studies, thereby, graduated, receive diplomas from both universities. In 2017, on the basis of that agreement, the department held its second graduation ceremony, but this time in Shanghai. We also work closely with the Confucius Institute at ENU.


In 2013, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan provided financial support for the opening of the Chinese language classroom. In 2018 the Chinese Embassy supported a language lab classroom.