Open House Day

Open House Day of the Faculty of Philology



The purpose of the event is offering professional orientation as well as providing students with the necessary information in the choice of profession, development of students' interest in the specialties of the philological faculty. The Open House Day of the faculty was held on February 10, 2019 according to the annual plan. Open House Day of the Faculty was opened by the Dean of the Faculty A.B.Beisenbai and she gave detailed and full information to the graduates of the faculty. M. S. Aralkhanov, Head of the Center for Professional Orientation and Testing, answered the questions of the graduating students, giving a detailed explanation of the changes in the National Testing this year.

The Open Day, which began with the official opening ceremony in the conference hall of the educational laboratory, continued with an exhibition of professional orientation, organized annually by each department to attract school leavers to the specialty, to attract applicants to the university. gymnasiums №48, 60, 6, 3, 51 81, 22 and secondary schools and lyceums of Astana city showed special interest in the language proficiency of the faculty. Schoolchildren were invited to attend the Open Day. Participated actively in the Regional Olympiad in the Faculty of Professional Orientation, organized by the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, the teachers of 81, 22 grammar schools were awarded with the Honorary Diploma.