Knowledge is Power

Foreign Languages Department of the Faculty of Philology ​​often conducts events on different topics in order to emphasize students' attention to the importance of mastering foreign languages ​​in the modern world, to motivate students to study them. With the purpose of a personality’s active and creative development and stimulation of the students' interest in learning English and increasing erudition among students, Tolegenova Zh.B., Khamitova AG, Dyusengalieva AA and Musabaeva G.M. the teachers of the Foreign Languages ​​Department have organized and held the "General Knowledge Competition" among 1-year students of non-linguistic specialties of the Faculties of Philology, Economics and Physics and Technical Sciences on November 17, 2017.

Teams competed for the title of "The Smartest." Questions which concerned country studies and culture of Kazakhstan and English-speaking countries, as well as general erudition of students, were offered in English. Students actively participated in all stages of the competition and showed their knowledge and skills. During the competition students showed a high level of erudition, ingenuity and ability to work in a team. As a result, the winners of the competition were students of the Faculty of Economy. The second place was given to students of the Faculty of Physics and Technical Sciences. Students were awarded with diplomas and letters of gratitude.

One of the features of this format of the event is creating conditions in which each participant could realize his/her intellectual potential and use his/her knowledge in different subjects, that is why such events are necessary for students, they bring them much joy, satisfaction and motivation.