Academic Committee Meeting of Philology Faculty

On November 19, 2020, an online meeting of the Academic Committee of the Faculty of Philology was held. The event was attended by representatives of the Department of Academic Affairs: Director of the Department Kashkhynbai B.B., Deputy Director Akhmetova Sh.T., Head of the Department for Management of Educational Programs  Kuangalieva T.Kh, Dean of the Faculty Beisenbai A.B. and members of theAacademic committee of the Faculty.

Kashkhynbai B.B. announced the goals, objectives and principles of the Academic Committee. On the need to take into account the interests of students in the development of educational programs and the involvement of employers. Kuangalieva T.Kh. conducted explanatory work on the Major and Minor modules.

An analysis of the current educational programs of the faculty, the terms of accreditation and uniqueness were also presented.

The Faculty of Philology offered three Minor modules: 1. For students with the Kazakh language of education. 2. For students with Russian language of education. 3. For students with English language of education.