Summarizing the results of 2017, I want to note that the past year was fruitful.

The "Chinese-Kazakh big Dictionary" was published in the publishing house "Exclusive-KA" of Almaty, the authors of which are the head of the Department of Chinese Philology of the ENU named after  L.N Gumilev, professor Duken Masimkhanuly and associate professor of the Department Ainur Abidenkyzy. This work was released in 2000 copies, which includes about 80 thousand of the most used words in Chinese and a volume of 120 printed pages. The compilation of such a voluminous dictionary took more than ten years.

The above-mentioned dictionary was published with the support of a respected statesman, world-class diplomat, well-known Sinologist Kasym-Zhomart Kemeluly.

Every year, business relations between Kazakhstan and China are dynamically developing in various spheres, which led to a huge demand of specialists in the field of the Chinese language. It's no secret that until today many translators, teachers and specialists of this sphere used "Chinese-Russian dictionaries". This fact adversely affected the position of the state language, due to the lack of sufficiently complete in composition words of Chinese-Kazakh dictionaries. Therefore, we can say with certainty that a new dictionary will help fill the gap in this area.

With the support of the Chairman of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. K.K. Tokaev "The Chinese-Kazakh big Dictionary" was distributed to a wide audience.
       In this regard, Kassym-Zhomart Kemelyuli personally congratulated the authors of this work on the official reception. "Works of this magnitude are usually carried out by whole institutions for decades. The work you have done is truly heroism! "Kasym-Zhomart Kemelly noted, holding the very first copy of the dictionary. Indeed, creating such a voluminous bilingual dictionary is a feat.
Taking this opportunity, the authors of D.Misimkhanuly and A.Abidenkyzy express their enormous gratitude for their support in the creation of the dictionary of the Chairman of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. K.K. Tokaev, Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. A. Mukhameduly, rector of ENU.  Named after L.N. Gumilev Mr. E.B. Sydykov, as well as the entire staff of the publishing house "Exclusive KA".


In the future, the presentation of the dictionary will take place in the city of Astana.