Seminar: "Trilingual education in language practice"

On November 9, 2017, on the basis of Gymnasium No. 5 in Astana, the Department for Academic Affairs of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University together with the Department of Foreign Philology of the Philological Faculty conducted an on-site scientific and methodological seminar on the topic: "Language practice as a constituent of the trilingual education". The main goal of this event is to discuss the actual problems of preparing trilingual specialists for the education system in the light of the tasks and ideas put forward by the head of country N.Nazarbayev in his program article «Болашаққа бағдар: рухани жаңғыру» ("Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness").

The seminar was opened with a welcoming speech by the director of Gymnasium No. 5 Trufanov A.S., the director of the Department of Academic Affairs of the ENU Palimbetov Sh.B., Dean of the Philological Faculty Zharkynbekova Sh.K., Methodist of Education Management of  Astana’s major  Kaskabaeva R.K.

The seminar was conducted by the head of the Department of Foreign Philology A.E. Bizhkenova.

Gymnasium No. 5 for many years cooperates with the Department of Foreign Philology and is its branch, on the basis of which not only field seminars but also other methodical events are organized, language and professional practice of students is organized. This kind of partnership has as a successful result of the principles' implementation of continuity and continuity of the language education content according to the scheme: school-university.

Among the main problems of the organization of language practice, the seminar participants stressed the lack of developed methodological aids, language glossaries, handbooks for practice guidance.

However, in spite of this, certain activities are conducted in all non-linguistic specialties. So, for example, as the assistant professor Marchibaeva U.S., for students of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport", the department developed a dictionary of sports terms in English and introduces it into the educational process. There is a special English-language textbook. The same experience exists in the specialty "Mathematics". Head of the Department of Algebra and Geometry Kozybayev D.Kh. and associate professor of this department Zhuravleva O.I. told about the organization of language practice for their students.

Professor of the Russian Language department L.G. Mukazhanova presented information on practice in groups with a multilingual education. After her speech, she donated to the school teaching aids and developments, published by the department's scientists.


At the seminar the professor of the department of foreign philology Bulatbaeva K.N., the head of the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge Shalgynbaeva K.K. and PhD Zheksembaeva G.S., head of the department of foreign philology Bizhkenova A.E., PhD, associate professor of the department of Kazakh linguistics Kenzhalin K.К. performed.

In addition to the university's teachers, teachers of the schools took part in the seminar. Among the speakers were teachers Levitskaya E.Yu. and Mikhno S.V. from Gymnasium No. 5, Aitchanov Z.D. from school number 28 in Astana. They talked about their experience in introducing multilingual education on the subjects "History of Kazakhstan" and "Informatics".


The speeches of the participants were heard in Kazakh, Russian and English.The result of the seminar is recommendations that the participants discussed and adopted as a basis.At the end of the seminar, the Director of the Department of Academic Affairs Palymbetov Sh.B. thanked the director of Gymnasium No. 5 Trufanov A.S. for assistance in organizing this event and handed out letters of appreciation to participants and organizers.