Possibilities of using multimedia resources to increase the professional competence of master students

On November 28-29 2017 in accordance with the plan of the Foreign Languages Department, the ​​teachers Shakhputova Z.Kh., Kemelbekova EA, and Tusselbayeva Zh.A. organized a seminar for aster students of groups MF-11, MTTiT-12, MSTR-11, 12, MPSMiK-12. The seminar was held on the topic: "Possibilities of using multimedia resources to improve the professional competence of master students". The purpose of this seminar was to familiarize students with various types of multimedia resources, as well as platforms that provide various opportunities for online learning and interactive communication with foreign colleagues. Awareness and use of modern multimedia resources contribute to the development of research and analyical skills in the professional sphere (skills of academic writing, preparation of scientific reviews, annotations, abstracts and bibliographies on research topics, search for scientific information, and critical analysis). Addressing to these multimedia sources is a powerful motivating factor for self-development and enhancement of professional skills, acquisition of additional skills and abilities both in studying foreign languages ​​and in using a foreign language in professional activities.

The following platforms were presented to the master’s students: Coursera.org, FutureLearn.com, Canvas.edu, TEDx, KhanAcademy. These platforms demonstrate seminars in various fields from leading world universities, which will allow students to become competitive specialists in the labor market.

The participants of the seminar were recommended to participate in the following online seminars: "Learning English for Academic Purposes", "Welcome to Inside IELTS: Preparing for the Test with the Experts" from the University of Cambridge, UK. This seminar provides for further consultation and questioning of master students, as well as an analysis of their activities in order to use these results to write a scientific article.