Visit of the members of the scientific project "Poetic Thesaurus of Abai's poems" to the country of Abai

In accordance with the calendar plan of the project No. AR09259039 "poetic thesaurus of Abai's poems", implemented within the framework of grant financing of subjects of scientific/or scientific and technical activity for 2021-2023, the project manager, Professor of the Department of Kazakh Literature, Ph.D. N. J. Aimukhambet, chief researcher of the project, Professor of the Department of Kazakh Literature, Ph.D.N. S. Aituganova, a leading researcher of the project, PhD A. Myrzakhmet visited historical sites in the Abai region associated with the name of Abai.


To carry out the search work, scientists got acquainted with valuable information in the Mukhtar Auezov House-Museum in the Borili settlement, the Abai Kunanbayev House-Museum in the Zhidebai settlement, the "Abai and Shakerim Memorial Complex", a specialized gymnasium for gifted children named after Abai.


In the coming days, it is planned to visit the Abai Museum, Shakerim University and the spiritual places of Semey.