a virtual visit to the Opera and Ballet Theater

On May 26, 2021, an open event was held at the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​- a virtual visit to the Opera and Ballet Theater of Nur-Sultan. This event was organized by the curators of the FL-34 and IYa-32 groups, E.A. Verboy. and Ilyasova L.M. Group students and teachers of the department took part in two small online excursions to the Astana Opera and Astana Ballet theaters, plunged into the atmosphere behind the scenes of theaters and touched the mystery of creating ballet and opera performances. For the guests of the event, the door to the world of art, as well as to the history of the emergence of the theater and the peculiarities of its arrangement, was slightly opened. The audience was presented with excerpts from such ballets as "Salome", "Giselle", "Carmen" and "Serenade", revealing the main essence of the plots of these productions. The organizers and guests of the event also shared their own experience of visiting theaters in the city of Nur-Sultan, exchanged emotions and impressions of the performances they saw. At the end of the event, the parting words of the curators to their groups sounded with a call to enrich themselves not only intellectually, but also spiritually, touching that great and beautiful that is called art.