a virtual tour of the National museum of Kazakhstan

On May 13, the supervisors of FL-31 and FL-23 groups Akynova D. B. and Avazbakieva F. R. organized a virtual tour of the National museum of Kazakhstan. The guide was Kozhamurat Ulbala. 

The students visited the hall of ancient and medieval history, the hall of ethnography, the hall of independent Kazakhstan, the hall of Astana, two halls of gold, the hall of modern art and the exhibition hall.

Thanks to this excursion, students got acquainted with the ancient and medieval history of Kazakhstan, the periods of the formation of the Kazakh state. The students also learned about the culture and economic life of the nomadic and settled Kazakhs. In the hall of Independent Kazakhstan, students were told about the new time of the country, which began after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the Republic gained its sovereignty, and clearly demonstrated achievements in the economy, industry and science.

After the tour, the students actively asked questions, noting that the tour was interesting and very informative. Students expressed their gratitude to the guide Kozhamurat Ulbala and the organizers of the event.