Unusual event

On March 3, an unusual event was held at the basic school-gymnasium No. 22 as part of the production practice of students of the specialties “Philology: Russian Language” and “Russian Language and Literature”. Its unusualness was that the poetic hour “Strings of the Silver Age” united lovers of poetry: students in grades 9–10, future applicants in 2020, language teachers of this educational institution, and graduates of our university, M. A. Sarsenova, L.L. Kosheleva, A.K. Rakhimova and senior counselor S. Eleuova.


The purpose of the event was not only to acquaint students with the representatives of the Silver Age and their work, but through poetry to reveal the charm of the specialty.

In the first part, students gave an overview of the literary and artistic movements of the Silver Age, read poems by V. Bryusov (“Pale Angel”), A. Blok (“Before the Light”), A. Akhmatova (“N. S. Gumilev”), V. Mayakovsky ("Atlantic Ocean"), A. Mariengof ("Well, you, brothers").

The second part of the event was dedicated to the sociocultural phenomenon of the Silver Age. The students analyzed poems, learned to distinguish according to any signs of the flow of literature, read poems, guessed the direction of musical compositions performed on the flute of M. Zhulikova, turned to the artistic heritage of the founders of symbolist painting. Students brought students to the concepts of “synthesis of arts” and “dialogue of cultures”, emphasizing that this period was a period of “... the awakening of aesthetic sensitivity, anxiety of searches” (N. A. Berdyaev).

The organizers of the event, student interns, expressed gratitude to R.K. Dyusenbekova to the head of the methodological association of teachers of the Russian language and Russian literature.

Also, a lecture was delivered by the teacher of the Department of Russian Philology M.E. Zhapanova, thanking for the participation of teachers of the Russian language and literature of school-gymnasium No. 22.

The students were shown a video presentation in which the head of the department of Russian philology, Ph.D., professor K.R. Nurgali noted that entering a university is one of the most important steps in the life of every person, the basis of a successful future, and studying in philological specialties is fundamental and practical in orientation of the knowledge received by students. K.R. Nurgali told schoolchildren about the wide network of international relations with foreign partner universities and the good opportunities for students, undergraduates and doctoral students to realize themselves in scientific activities. They regularly go to study and internships at partner universities of Russia, Romania, Poland and other countries. A video about the achievements of the Department of Russian Philology was also presented to schoolchildren.

Responsible for career guidance A.S. Asylbaeva provided the information materials necessary for entering and choosing an educational program. She noted that 100% of graduates of the Department of Russian Philology are employed, and this is an excellent indicator in the face of an ever-growing demand for highly qualified personnel.