Тhe ability to exchange opinions in English is the objective of each student of the FL theory and practice department

On March 31, 2021, an online debate with the participation of the  3rd year students on an essential topic related to distance learning took place at the FL theory and practice department within the framework of the “Students’ club of foreign languages​​”.

 The given intellectual game was attended by foreign teachers of our  department as a jury: August Garsney, Israel Moges, as well as the head of our department  Beisembaeva Zh.A.  Virtually, two teams from groups FL-34 and FL-32 (3 speakers in each team) presented a clearly structured and specially organized public exchange of viewpoints on the topic “Traditional learning vs. distance learning". The main purpose of these debates was to form a definite opinion on the problem posed and express thoughts in English. These debates allowed the speakers to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to make arguments, skills to convince opponents. Each speaker managed to prove their faithfulness and constancy of judgments, as well as they responded the questions of the audience in sufficient detail. After the debate, students had a possibility to vote, and then the students listened to the comments of foreign teachers and the head of FL theory and practice department. The speeches of both teams were quite convincing. The debates was conducted in an amiable atmosphere and aroused great interest among the 3rd year students.