Сreative competition "Friends of people, friends of languages"

September 24 at the Faculty of Philology, first-year students took part in the creative competition "Friends of people, friends of languages", dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, organized by the Department of Russian Philology.

The competition was held in order to activate and expand the existing knowledge of students about the language, fostering love, interest in languages, friendship and mutual understanding between students.

The students of KazAtu and Shabyt сollege also attended the event.

 The competition consisted of 4 rounds:

1. Greeting

2. "The best connoisseur of proverbs and sayings"

3. Country of riddles. Teams alternately guess the riddles of different peoples.

4. Talent contest "Light your star" (demonstration of songs and dances, original genres).

Prize places won:

1 place - "Мәңгілік Ел" (teacher: Rakhimzhanova G.R.)

2 place - "High Pick" (teacher: Kenzhegulova A.S.)

2 place - "BELU" (teacher: Zhambabaeva G.T.)

3 place - "MTS" (teacher: Kultursynova F.B.)