A trinity of languages.

Kazakhstan is the unique republic which is setting up an ambitious project, initiated by the Leader of the nation called  « a trinity of languages». In his annual messages to the people of  Kazakhstan Nazarbaev N.A. emphasizes the importance and significance of developing multilingualism  for successful integration of multinational Kazakhstan into Global economy and education.

On the 19th December 2017 a cultural event devoted to the trinity of languages was organized and held for students of  philological faculty by Zarkesheva Aygul, Zagorulya Oksana  and Musabaeva Zarina – teachers of foreign language department. The event was conducted in the form of an essay entitled as «The importance of  Kazakh, Russian and English languages for young people in Kazakhstan». The essay contest was held among students of the 1st, 3d courses of the following specialities : « Kazakh language and literature» , « Philology of Russian language»  and   «Philology of Kazakh language».


The main objectives of the event were supporting the idea of multilingualism, increasing  motivation  of learning foreign languages , expansion of  socio  and linguacultural competency and  demonstrating speaking skills and fluency in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. 5 teams participated in the contest. Students  pointed out the actuality,  covering the following items: the notion of a language, what languages should be learnt and why should we keep ancestors’ mothertongue. Students  showed a huge interest to the idea of trinity of languages while observing and came to conclusion that  there will be no progress and perspectives without learning  Kazakh, Russian and English languages in the future.