On November 30, 2017, the Department of General Linguistics and Translation Theory organized a scientific-informative seminar dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the well-known ethnographer. researcher, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, holder of the State Award of Akseleu Seydimbek, entitled “SON, WORTHY RESPECT”. The seminar was attended by staff of the Department of General Linguistics and Translation Theory, students of the specialty "Kazakh Philology", as well as specially invited guests, colleagues of Akseleu Slanuly and staff of the Philological faculty.

During the seminar, was told about the life and scientific path of the famous scientist, an overview of his works was made. His role in preserving and popularizing culture and spiritual values and personal qualities of the real son of the Kazakh people was revealed. In the reports, the idea that the works of Akseleu Slanuly are the embodiment of idea of Spiritual revival and bring up love for their native culture and language. The guests of the seminar were: Associate Professor G.Y. Iskakova, Chairman of the Trade Union T.Zh. Zhanaydarov, Associate Professor G.B. Mamaeva.

In conclusion, the students recited poetry, performed kyu and works dedicated to A.S. Seydimbek.