Students at the photo exhibition “Take a friend from the shelter”

First-year students of the Faculty of Philology visited the photo exhibition "Take a Friend from the Shelter", which was held from January 18-25.

The purpose of the exhibition is to convey to people that the four-legged inhabitants of the shelters are not at all dangerous, since each of them is vaccinated and sterilized.

The main goal of this event is the search for a new home and loving owners for stray dogs and cats, as well as the formation of a responsible attitude towards animals. At the exhibition there was an opportunity to get acquainted with dogs and cats that live in the shelter, to take the pet you like home. Photos of pets from a temporary shelter for street and stray animals were also presented. Visitors were able to get acquainted with the other animals of the shelter.


Students commented on an exhibition organized by Students commented on an exhibition organized by fund NOSA.

Isabekova Hanuza:

“The other day we went to a photo exhibition. This photo exhibition pursues only one goal - to arrange the maximum number of dogs and cats in good hands so that they find a family, not to live in conditions where there are 2 by 4 meters in cages, so that there is a bowl and its place not only in the house, but also the heart of their masters".

Dosanova Saltanat:

“The organizers of the exhibition are very grateful. Everything was at the highest level. I found a lot of useful things for myself, I learned a lot of things. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Once again, many thanks! "

Bekbolatova Dilnaz:

“We went to a photo exhibition with the group. Looking at the photos of homeless cats and dogs, the heart seems to be broken with sympathy for them. And this exhibition provides an opportunity to find a new home for animals. Of course, stray animals need help, care and affection. And also in respect - after all, I have repeatedly noticed how children (and sometimes even adults) scoff at them just because they cannot give back. Nevertheless, it is very pleasant that at present there are people who are not indifferent to this issue. Homeless animals are increasingly being picked up, treated with personal funds and put in good hands”.

Nuralinova Aizhan:

“The other day we went to a photo exhibition. Looking at the photos of pets, I have a feeling of sympathy. I would like each of them to fall into good hands. Many thanks to the organizers for this exhibition”.

Kadyrov Rauan:

“We went to the photo exhibition. There was a photo of homeless cats and dogs. And this exhibition makes it possible to find a new animal house. I liked the exhibition on this topic. I think we need to organize such an exhibition! ”