Students of the Department of Foreign Philology in South Korea

             As part of the implementation of the Bologna process, a major role is assigned to the academic mobility of students. The Department of Foreign Philology is actively involved in this process. Every year, students of the department travel abroad to exchange experience and knowledge.  

            Currently, two students of the group SFA-21  specializing in Foreign Philology Satybaldina Madina and Asel Zhigitova are studying in South Korea at Gyeoungsang National University (Jinju city). The students were faced with the fact that in South Korea there is a different educational system, the structure of curricula, and the time for examination sessions. The first semester begins in March, respectively, the second semester begins in September. Students are fluent in English, so all issues are resolved quickly. Many Koreans know English, there is no language barrier.

              Professors also teach classes in English. The girls took Korean language courses to communicate at the household level. School week - 5 days, classes per week - 17 hours, per day - 5 or 2 hours of classes. Classes are not divided into lecture and practical. The professor may ask students during class. Over two semesters, our students chose 10 subjects, another 5 distance subjects. Within 15 weeks there is 8/9 midterm - the week of midterm control, the 15th week - final exam - examination. In connection with the current situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus, from the very beginning of the semester, classes are held online using various information platforms. The teachers are friendly.

             Students like the program, they get a lot of new, useful knowledge, communicate with other students. They thank the university, the department for the opportunity to be on the program of academic mobility.