Creating effective presentations for online classes: the work of the methodological seminar

On September 29, 2020, the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages started the work of the methodological seminar. The speaker was the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Master Tulegenova A.M. The topic of the methodological seminar is very relevant for university teachers working online and using virtual platforms. How to make classes more meaningful, effective and entertaining for students and undergraduates?

The speaker presented to the participants of the methodological seminar several programs Prezi, Peardeck, Google slides, which help English teachers to create effective presentations for their online classes. The organizer and moderator of the seminar was coordinator of the methodical work of the Department of theory and practice of foreign languages, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor G. M. Guriyeva

The methodological seminar was of a practical nature, as teachers had the opportunity to create a presentation in the Prezi program during the seminar under the guidance of the speaker.