Celebration of Nauryz Festival

On the 19 March 2019, at the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​of the L N Gumilyov Eurasian National University, a festive celebration took place on behalf of the Nauryz Festival. Students of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages", under the supervision of senior lecturers of the department Narmukhametova N. M. and Alipbay B. organized the whole event on their own.

"Nice songs and melody, take your body through our ears" says one old Kazakh saying. Sweet melodies and beautiful Nauryz songs gave the university building a festive atmosphere. The teachers and students, who were dressed in national clothes and ornaments, even more enlivened the atmosphere of the holiday. The crowd gathered in the big corridor at the department, divided into several auyls, making their tables and spreading on them tasty celebratory dishes. The big old house of these auyls, the department’s aul is named "Bereke", and teachers offered a good selection of soup, cheese, baursak, kurt, meat and other delicacies. The students’ tables were also not less beautiful, and the first-year students prepared an auyl "Bakhyt", "Yrys", and the second- and third-year students welcomed their guests in "Konakjay", "Aktilek", "Marhabat" and "Bata".

The Head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​Beysembayeva Zh. A. delivered a speech to start the celebratory event . Students of the FL-32 group Kenesov Kuat and Tarasova Alina acted as the hosts of the festive event and expressed their wish that the New Year be full of goodness, well-being and prosperity. Then the dance group "Samruk", consisted of 2nd year students, showed the dance performance "The spirit of steppe". And the Uzbek dance group of students of the third year has devoted the Uzbek dance "Bakhor" to the public. Zhanarbek Lashin, a student of FL-11, played guitar melody and one more student of this group Kassym Jantemirov performed a dombra kui. The student of group Fl 27 Toktasynova Nazerke sang a song "Otyrar toy" and enlightened the mood of the festival.

Nauryz celebration is a traditional holiday in our country, and our university also celebrates it regularly. Such events are organized every year at our faculty and even at the department level.