Report of Week of language on the department of practical Kazakh language

Department of Practical Kazakh Language of the Faculty of Philology of the Eurasian National University named after Gumilev participating in the festival of languages ​​of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan entitled "Language - the spiritual wealth of the people"  in the period September 25 and October 5, 2017  held the following events: 
1.  26.09.2017 we conducted an excursion with students in the university museum "History of writing"
2. On September 27, 2017 a contest among students was held under the title "My language is evidence of my existence". 
10 students from each faculty participated in the essay contest and 2 topics were suggested: 1) «The official language is my language»; 2) «Native land is a golden cradle». The writings were checked by the members of the commission, the best of them received seats and were awarded:
I-place – Boranbay Aiym (FL-12); II-placeAlshanov Rasul (ТТТ&Т-12), Kenzhebekova Meiramkul (ZhR-12); III-placeSakenova Nargiz (JR-14),  Khasangaliev Temirlan (FR-12), Rakhimova Zhibek (JR-14).

28.09.2017 contest on dictation on the theme of «The official language - my language».
 20 students from different faculties took part in the dictation, and 1 topic was proposed: 1)  «Language is a treasury». The work on dictation were checked by the members of the commission, the best of them received seats and were awarded:
I-place – Lagutkina Julia (Ir-12); II-place Sheiwand Alexander Ac -12; III-place Oganissiyan Sofiya (Des-12).
4. 29.09.2017 there was a wall newspaper contest on the theme of the «Kazakh language in the world» and the following groups won prizes: I-place  Des -12 group, II-place Arch-12 group, III-place Pub-12 group.
 5. 02.10.2017 there was a contest of expressive reading on the theme of «Verse - the king of words». 15 students from various specialties of the University participated in the competition. The contest of expressive reading was evaluated according to the requirements "by heart", "expressive reading" and "purity of speech". All participants were well prepared. By decision of the jury, only those who meet the requirements of the competition were awarded:

I place – Tatevossyan Tamilla (R-1-12);  ІІ place Alieva Dana (КТ-12), Kenzhebekova Meyramgul (ZhR-12); ІІІ placeHeld Nadezhda (Jur-14), Qusainova Aigerim (М-12), Narmukhamed Nurislam (Ing-12).
The annual permanent active participant of the language week holiday and student of TPGS-34 group Nurtai Yestai was awarded with the nomination «Fan of language».

6. 03.10.2017 a round table on the state language and spiritual revival was organized by the professors of the department Q.Е. Tileshova and senior lecturers Sh.B. Salikzhanova, K.Q. Zhunisova. The event was attended by the Director of the Republican Coordination and Methodological Center for Language Development named after Sh. Shayakhmetov, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor E.Ye. Tleshev shared his thoughts on the modern state language and the Latin alphabet.

7. The closing ceremony of the language week was held on 05.10.2017, the students were awarded, it all ended with a concert program.