Шіркін - LIFE

Recently the cultural event entitled «Шіркін  - LIFE 4» dedicated to the Day of the students with the support of the Directorate of Student House, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Philology Faculty, was held in the cinema of Student House No. 5. The event was organized by second year students  majoring in «Foreign language: two foreign languages» of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages.

The purpose of the event is to get acquainted students with the history of the festival, to promote the importance of knowledge and become competitive specialists, to educate students to take advantage of the free time, be versatile, active, not to be engaged in bad deeds.


  The event was opened by the Head of the  department Zh.A.Beisembayeva. Stressing on the fact that being versatile, smart, competitive student  and having  a deep knowledge are the requirements of our modern society, she suggested students to spend student years in an interesting way and evaluate the time  of being a  student.

        The festive event was attended by teacher-organizer Guldariya Shynibekkizi on behalf of the administration of the Student House.

The cinema hall was full of students majoring in «Foreign language: two foreign languages» and students of other specialties.

There were shown different presentations, «student dictionaries», student «references», funny videos, excerpts from films about the students.

Talented students of our specialty played the dombra, the flute, the guitar; read poetry in different languages, sang songs in three languages, played different games, danced and delighted the audience.


Responsible  for organizing  the event were senior curator of department S.Issayev  groups FL-21, FL-23, FL-22, FL 25 and group curators Darmenova A, Erik.G, Kozhakanova V and Kadyrbayeva D.

The  event was led by active students of group FL-21  Seidimkhanova Ayana and Dulatkizi Dinara.

At the end, the teachers thanked the students for the event and took photographs with the students. We believe that this event contributed to the formation of competitive specialists.


We would like to express our gratitude to the administration of Student House for their assistance.