Seminar on the development of the educational program

 A seminar on modeling educational programs for the new 2018-2019 academic year   took place at the Faculty of Philology  with the participation of heads of departments and representatives of the Department of Academic Affairs.   Moderator of the seminar - Dean of the Philology faculty, doctor of  philological sciences, professor Sh.K. Zharkynbekova spoke about the main purpose of organizing similar seminars throughout the university: a discussion with the developers of the educational programm on modern requirements and approaches in designing a program for training bachelors, masters and PhD doctors for  their  high competitiveness in the Kazakhstan and foreign labor markets.


The main speaker of the seminar,head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, Beisembaeva Zh.A. took part in the Republican seminar "Designing Educational Programs" organized by the Karaganda State Technical University (Karaganda) in the period from November 24 to November 25, 2017 and shared with participants her experience in developing and assessing the success of the new  educational programm , creation of a unified state register of educational programm.

Vice Director of Department  on academic affairs Nurmukhametov N.B and  a  methodologist of the University Esmagulova N.D reported changes and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of expanding the academic and managerial autonomy of higher education institutions and answered the questions of the participants in the discussions and shared their vision in the above-mentioned issues.