Seminar for young teachers

March 25, 2019 at the Faculty of Philology Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages held a methodical seminar of the School of Pedagogical Excellence "Integration of the Cultural Component in The Classes of a Foreign Language" The seminar was held with the participation of undergraduates and teachers of the Faculty of Philology. The speaker of the seminar was the professor of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages Gaurieva G. M. The purpose of the seminar is to deepen the understanding of intercultural communicative competence as a basis for studying a foreign language.

During the seminar, the reasons for the inclusion of the cultural component in the program in foreign languages, the common problems of intercultural communication with native speakers of the target language were examined, and some solutions were suggested. 

The speaker noted that mastering a foreign language is impossible without introducing the intercultural component into the communication environment. The effectiveness of intercultural communication for our students, in addition to knowledge of the language, depends on many factors: conditions and culture of communication, rules of etiquette, knowledge of non-verbal forms of expression (facial expressions, gestures), the presence of deep background knowledge and much more.

The workshop participants unanimously stressed that overcoming the language barrier is not enough to ensure the effectiveness of communication between people of different cultures. For this you need to overcome the cultural barrier. After all, sometimes even an excellent knowledge of the theory of a foreign language does not allow for free communication with the native speaker of this language. It would seem that minor differences in the communicative behavior of representatives of different cultures can lead to significant difficulties in the communication process. At the end of the event, the speaker shared her experience of conducting the course of intercultural communication at the university, demonstrated creative tasks such as Reaction Paper, Book Report, Photojournalistic Project, Survey / Mini Research Project, which are successfully used in the educational process.