Friendship recipe

On the 8th of December, 2017 at the Faculty of Philology was held up a meeting, "Kazakhstan-China-Korea", in the organization where participated the teachers of the Department of Russian Philology A.T. Akisheva, R.M. Omarova, students of the groups ShFa-11, ShFk-11 and RYL (ac.mob.).

The evening of international friendship was a continuation of a number of events aimed at establishing and maintaining a relationship of mutual understanding and trust, establishing intercultural communication of Kazakh youth with students in the ENU named after L.N. Gumilev within the framework of the program "Academic Mobility" by the students of Xinjiang (China) and Gongsang (Republic of Korea) universities.

"ENU today is a place of intersection of cultures, traditions and customs of different countries of the world. Here young people study, who will be the conductors of the basic ethical values and actual installations of modern times. It is possible that one of the participants of this evening in the future will determine the quality and content of relations between Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea and the PRC, and organize joint research and development. This is very important in a dynamic inter-university interaction with foreign partners," - the organizers of the meeting noted in their welcoming speech. For them, as they later admitted, an ideal recipe for interethnic friendship and mutual understanding was discovered. For this, neither lectures on intercultural communication, nor trainings were needed - it was enough just to mix several important "ingredients". Needed active participants of intellectual competitions, wonderful performers of folk Kazakh, Chinese, Korean, Russian songs and dances in bright national costumes, fascinating tales of Kazakh traditions and customs, beautiful views of Astana, delicious dishes of Asian countries prepared by students, warm atmosphere.


The original speeches of students from different countries became a wonderful preamble to the meeting of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.