Enhancing and developing international cooperation with Belarusian Universities

On June 23, an online meeting was held between the head of the Foreign Philology Department of A.E. Bizhkenova and scientists of P.M. Masherov Vitebsk State University. The agenda of the meeting included questions about the areas of scientific cooperation and interaction in the processes of internationalization of higher education, as well as the possibility of exchanging new learning technologies.

The meeting was attended by the head of the German Philology Department Khomuskova N.F., the head of General and Russian Linguistics Department Mezenko A.M., leading scientists of the Belarusian university such as doctor of philological sciences, professor Maslova V.A., doctor of philological sciences, professor Zaitseva I.P., as well as the head of the international cooperation department of Vitebsk state university Sorotokina E.V.

During an hour conversation, there was a mutual exchange of views on topical areas of possible cooperation, issues of academic mobility of students and lecturers, participation in scientific events conducted in both universities, arranging joint scientific research, exchange programs for lecturers, etc

Foreign colleagues were interested in active cooperation and invited to participate in the upcoming scientific conference. In response, A.E. Bizhkenova spoke about the yearly scheduled conferences of the Foreign Philology Department and also invited foreign scientists to participate.


As a result of a constructive conversation, both sides came to a unanimous opinion on the need to conclude an intercollegiate cooperation agreement, the preparation of which both sides will begin promptly.