On February 7, Assanova A. Ye. and Kydyrbayeva D. A. the advisers of the department "Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages" held a meeting with first-year students, winners of the honor badge "Altyn belgi".  There are 75 first-year students who enrolled in specialty 5B011900: “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”, 9 of whom are student-holders of Altyn Belgi. The meeting was held in the form of a friendly conversation, where students shared the secret of their success.

“Quite recently, very important events have taken place in the life of every graduate, which have become a decisive turning point between two milestones: school years and adulthood. The United National Testing and Graduation Prom are the events that have summed up my work, my studies at school. For eleven years I had been moving to this: I tried to prepare responsibly for all the lessons, and my efforts were not in vain. Eventually I achieved my goal. I can say with confidence that my success is not only my merit, it is the merit of my parents and teachers who taught and supported me. I believe that if you strive for your goal and do everything possible to achieve it, then everything will definitely work out. The main thing is to believe and never despair, even if you encounter obstacles”, - concluded Rufina Sadysheva, the “Altyn Belgi” holder, a student of the group FL-12


“First of all, the secret of success is love, care and great support from parents. I am very grateful to my dad, who monitored my progress and motivated me to learn and discover new things. Due to this, I felt pride and responsibility to my parents, I could not afford to lose their faith in me ... ”, says Aidana Zhumagazina, a student of the group FL-11.

 “The “Altyn Belgi” holder should set a clear goal and have confidence and faith that she/he will achieve it. He should always strive for it, not stopping halfway. The path may be thorny, but surmountable. I knew that I could and the result of my efforts is the pride of our family — the Altyn Belgi badge, ”recalls Ayaulym Assanova, a student of FL-11.

At the end of the conversation, students were provided with information about the possibility of studying by program of academic mobility, about the possibility of participating in research projects of the department, as well as information about the presidential scholarship and its criteria. We would like to wish “Altyn Belgi” holders not to lose their skills and reach high levels in the field of science. We believe in you. You are the future of the country.