Online Industrial Internship of Graduate Students

This semester, the fourth year students with a major in “5B011900 – Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” had their industrial internship in online mode for the first time, which became a special experience for both practicing students and their research supervisors.

Online training took place on the basis of the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department, the Faculty of Philology because of the quarantine conditions announced in Nur-Sultan.

Graduate students and their supervisors – academic supervisors of graduation theses with full responsibility approached the organization and conduct of online practical training.

Each practicing student was engaged in the implementation of experimental works on the topic of the graduation thesis, developed a system of exercises for teaching English with a bias on the topic of the graduation thesis, and conducted online surveys.


As part of the internship at the department, all 4th year students (88 students) took part in the annual International Conference of Young Scientists “Science and Education – 2020”, which was held offline. Each of the 77 4th-year students published a scientific article on the main results of the diploma research in the materials of the above-mentioned international conference. 10 practicing students submitted articles for participation in the online conference “Valikhanov Readings – 2020”, which will be held online at the Sh. Valikhanov KSU.


The work of the commission for taking report of the 4th year student on their industrial internship took place in the Zoom platform, where 5 commissions had simultaneous sessions. All students submitted detailed reports and uploaded the documentation to the virtual shelf of the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department in the Padlet application (