vocational guidance work at school No. 6 in Nur-Sultan

February 19, 2021 Acting Professor of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Philology, Ph.D. Zhusupova R.F. and Anel Ashir, a 4th year student of the specialty "Foreign language: 2 Foreign languages" of group IYa 42, conducted career guidance work at school No. 6 in Nur-Sultan with 9th grade students online. A. Ashir successfully passes teaching practice in this class and performs experimental training on thesis. The purpose of the online meeting was to familiarize with the faculties and specialties of the ENU. LN Gumilyov, about the forms of education, about the rules of admission, what are the advantages for students. Students learned about the specifics of choosing a profession, learned to analyze their capabilities and abilities. Speakers demonstrated presentation material and presented creative questions at the end of the meeting for online discussion in the Quizalize program. School graduates with interest and enthusiasm accepted the information about the university and the graduates voiced questions and interest about the choice of a future profession. The dialogue with the guys took place in a friendly atmosphere and ended on an optimistic note. At the end of the meeting, warm parting words and good wishes of the speakers were heard, students received certificates for their active participation in the extracurricular event.