"Linguistics" entered the TOP 251-300 among 1059 universities in the world.

According to the results of the QS subject ranking, published on March 3, 2021, the Eurasian National University entered the TOP 251-300 in the subject "Linguistics" among 1059 universities in the world. Kazakhstan in this rating was represented by 5 universities: ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov and KazNU named after al-Farabi, KazNPU named after Abai, KazNRTU named after Satpayev, KazUIR & WL named after Abylai Khan.

The ranking was carried out according to four criteria: reputation among academic experts, reputation among employers, citations and Hirsch index. According to the results of this rating, other subjects of ENU named after LN Gumilyov "Physics and Astronomy" and "Economics and Econometrics" and one subject area "Art and Humanities". In the subjects "Linguistics" the best indicator has the criterion "Reputation among employers". The subject area "Art and Humanities" of ENU was first noted in this rating and entered the top 451-500. The subject area "Art and Humanities" includes several subjects: "Archeology", "Architecture", "Art and Design", "Classical and Ancient History", "English Language and Literature", "History", "Linguistics", Modern Languages, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Theology, Theology and Religious Studies.

For the 2021 ranking, more than 13.9 million publications were analyzed, for which about 81 million citations were received, 51 subjects and 5 scientific areas "Arts and Humanities", "Engineering and Technology", "Life Sciences and Medicine", "Natural Sciences "," Social Sciences and Management "from 1453 universities in the world.

 On March 9, 2021, the Regional Director of QS for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Sergey Khristolyubov visited the Eurasian National University. During the visit, the foreign guest got acquainted with the innovative developments of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Complex (MNIK) based on the unique heavy ion accelerator DC-60 at the ENU. L. N. Gumilyov, also made an excursion to the Museum of the History of Writing and the Museum-Study of Lev Gumilyov. Sergey Vladimirovich was greeted by the vice-rectors, deans and teachers of the university. The meeting was also broadcast online. Following the meeting, Sergey Khristolyubov awarded deans, whose faculties distinguished themselves in the QS subject ranking this year.