Festive event dedicated to the "Holiday of Languages" "The fate of the language is the fate of the country"

On September 25, 2020, first-year students and curators of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages ​​organized a literary event dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is celebrated annually in our university.

The event was held in Kazakh, Russian and English. As part of the holiday, students performed a variety of performances aimed at the protection and development of the language, culture, customs and traditions of all people living in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students showed their talent for music, sang songs and performed national dances inspired by Kazakhs and other nationalities. The event was organized by students and curators of groups FL 11, FL 13, FL 15, FL 14 and FL Doszhan G, Darmenova A.E., Kozhakanova M.T., Ibragimova K.E., Baibatyrova A.A. Students made presentations on the history of language, culture of peoples and read poems in Kazakh and foreign languages.

The event was held on the Microsoft Teams platform. At the end of the event dedicated to the language holiday, the head of the department Beisenbayeva Zhanna Alibievna concluded with a congratulatory speech and wished good luck to students.