Congratulations to the holders of "Bolashak" scholarship - teachers of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Department!

Congratulations to the teachers of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Department Shaimerdenova Dilda Zubkenovna and Akhmetchina Kalamkas Yermashevna on getting the international scholarship "Bolashak"!

Our colleagues are planning to train at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

By the decision of the Republican Commission, following the results of the third stream of this year selection, the scholarship was awarded to 569 more Kazakhstanis. This year the category "Scientists" was approved for the first time on behalf of the Head of State. This decision will allow Kazakh scientists to acquire new knowledge at leading universities, scientific and industry centers and thereby increase the scientific potential of the country.

Holders of the Bolashak International Scholarship will have an academic training and internships at leading universities, research and industry centers in 27 countries around the world. 220 people will study at universities in the USA, 136 - in the UK, 57 -  in the Russian Federation, 13 -  in Australia, 14 -  in Germany, 3 -  in Japan.