Under Single Shanyrak

Hard times always show who we really are, what our essence and ideals are. In this regard, the article by N. Nazarbayev “When United, We Are Invincible” is relevant. Indeed, if you make an excursion into the history of our country, then you can trace the universal truth for all mankind – “where there is no unity – there is no prosperity” (“birlik zhok zherde – tirlik zhoz”). These words of Tole bi sound very modern in the period difficult for the whole country. Peace and unity have always been extremely important for Kazakhstan. Under a single shanyrak, more than one hundred and thirty different ethnic groups live in our country. And in this difficult time, support is very important for each of us.

Kazakhs has always known a simple truth - when you help others, your fear goes away. It is terrible to lose compassion for others. I agree with the First President’s thought that “difficulties harden the strong-willed, confident people. Therefore, we must put aside apathy, anxiety, passivity and together with the whole world strengthen ourselves on the way out of the crisis”. Most likely, the world will never be the same as before. And we have to live in a completely new, more complex world, where love and sympathy will gain new strength.

What causes panic in our society is a violation of the elementary norms of human life. Our task now is to believe in the best and remain calm, to pass it on to others. Protect not only physical but also moral health. The article has good words by Mahatma Gandhi – “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”


G.I. Baigunisova

Professor of the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department, the L.N. Gumilyov ENU