Negotiations on Opening a Branch of the Department based in ASTANA ENGLISH SCHOOL

School-gymnasium № 81 -- Astana English School was founded in 2015 and is specialized in subject preparation of schoolchildren in English. The staff of the gymnasium includes 12 foreign teachers - native speakers of English, who work with schoolchildren both in elementary and uppper grades.

 The cooperation of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages with Astana English School began in February of this year, when the best students of the gymnasium attended the IELTS Olympiad held by the Department on February 2, 2018, these students became prize-winners among schoolchildren from 25 secondary schools in Astana. On April 6, 2018, the foreign teacher in the gymnasium, Robertus Hendricus Murrer, spoke at the annual international seminar of the department. The close cooperation resulted in negotiations between the leadership of the Department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages and the management of the gymnasium on the possibility of signing an agreement on cooperation in organizing professional practice and opening a branch of the department in Astana English School. Negotiations took place with the participation of the Head of the Department Beisembayeva Zh. A., the responsible teacher for cooperation with the branches of the Department Zhasarova D. G. from ENU and the director of the gymnasium Sadykova G. D. and Deputy Director for Foreign Languages Kozhanova K.T.

The gymnasium currently has 12 native speakers of English and other foreign languages. The management of the Department suggested that the gymnasium sign a cooperation agreement to organize training, teaching and pre-diploma practice in the basis of the specialized gymnasium, as well as to consolidate the cooperation of the two structures by signing an agreement on opening a branch of the Department at Astana English School. Partners are currently developing a joint venture plan.