Report on the final conference on students' pedagogical practice taken by RYAL-32group

A final conference on pedagogical practice by students of RYAL-32 group was held on the ZOOM platform at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (Zhuravleva EA  ,the Head of the Department.).

21 students of the group took the practice, 10 of them – at school-gymnasium 22, 3 - at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, 8 - at the place of residence.

The conference was attended by Kilibaeva U.K., the head of the university practice, Zhuravleva E.A.,the head of the department of theoretical and applied linguistics, Asmagambetova B.M ,the head of the practice from the department., teachers of the NIS: Dabylov G.B., Shayakhmetova S.M., Kasenova AM as well as students.

Zhuravleva E.A. congratulated the students on the successful completion of the practice, thanked the teachers for guiding the practice. The NIS teachers spoke warmly about all three students Oktamova Sh., Kolmagorova K., Zhalmurzina Z., that they are sociable, responsible, and open to knowledge.

The leader of the group -Oktamova Sh. Reported about  the work done by all students-trainees in the framework of distance learning. Student Bauer N. reported about the online work at the place of residence, that she had conducted classes in her native school and the desire to work as a teacher even more strengthened, Mukanova M. reported  about the difficulties she had faced in conditions of mask mode and other restrictions, as well as about friendly help by teachers in carrying out activities and lessons, who had recently taught me. K. Kolmogorova shared some interesting experience at NIS.

All students successfully completed their internship.

Asmagambetova B.M. discussed the deadlines with the students and teachers for practice documentation.