Report on International Internship in abroad

During the period of November 27 - December 7, 2017, the undergraduate students of the Department of Foreign Philology, consisting of 9 people, underwent a research Internship at the Faculty of Philology at the English Language Institute of Opole University, Opole, Poland, with Professor Elzbieta Szymanska-Czaplak, PhD.

           With professor Elzbieta Szymanska-Czaplak

During the Internship we were acquainted with the electronic and catalog fund, bibliographic data of the library of the Opole University for the collection of scientific information on the themes of master's theses.

Also we attended lectures and practical classes of professors of the University of Opole at the courses "English studies", "English for academic purposes", and also listened to the lecture of Professor E.Piechurska-Kuciel on how to write high-quality articles for journals with high impact factor Requirements for the publication of articles in such journals.

Professor Elzbieta Szymanska-Czaplak organized a round table for undergraduates from the ENU, where each undergraduate presented a presentation of his thesis and a presentation for 15 minutes. After the presentation, the professor gave each master student advice on the further course of the dissertation work and comments on the relevance and significance of our theses. Certificates were also awarded on the successful completion of the internship. We thanked the entire faculty of the Faculty of Philology for the materials and valuable advice on our master's theses.

In our free time and on weekends we visited the main sights of the city of Opole in order to get acquainted with the culture and history of Poland, and we were invited to the exhibition of George Gustav to the museum of the Opole University.

Our scientific internship had an effective and cognitive character, both on an academic level and on a cultural level, to broaden our horizons. To see new places, get acquainted with a new culture, with new people, with representatives of philological science - all this gave us a great opportunity to gain a lot of experience in writing a master's thesis.