Online Meeting with Teacher of Kazakhstan 2020

On December 11, 2020 the ENU. L.N. Gumilyov hosted an online meeting with the winner of the National Award “Teacher of Kazakhstan 2020”, a chemistry teacher at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan, an ambassador of the Global Peace Teacher Prize in Kazakhstan, Dinara Beisembayeva.


The organizers of the online meeting were: Employment and Business Partnership Office of ENU, represented by its head Ural Kilibayeva, Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department, represented by its head Zhanna Beisembaeva and Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur-Sultan, represented by Deputy Director Gulnar Salmenova.


The purpose of this meeting was to present to the attention of students of pedagogical specialties of our university such a bright personality as Dinara Beisembayeva as an example to follow, as an example of a teacher who has achieved a lot in her teaching career, and the opportunities that are presented today in Kazakhstan to teachers and lecturers of secondary educational institutions. Raising the status of the teacher and popularizing teacher’s profession became the main goal of organizing this online meeting.


“Love Those You Teach and Love What You Teach”. This is the motto Dinara Beisembayeva began her speech with before students and graduates of ENU pedagogical specialties. While teaching chemistry in English at NIS, she is actively involved in research and experience work, she is head of Extended Essay, and has a number of publications. She took part in the development of a program of gifted children’s educational needs. Her students are winners and participants of international olympiads and research contests.


Participants of the online meeting had a chance to watch a short film by Dinara Beisembayeva and showed great interest in her teaching and creative activities, asking many questions: Why did you decide to become a teacher? How many years have you worked as a teacher? How did you learn English? At university? What skills and abilities should a modern teacher have in your opinion? What advice would you give to a novice teacher?


The question from participating students “What career growth can teachers have today?” was answered by the NIS Director S.U. Saduakasov who gave students a very detailed answer. He built his own career from a trainee to NIS Director and told the participating students that they need to love their profession, transfer knowledge to their students, engage in constant self-development and not be afraid of challenges.


Head of the ENU Employment and Business Partnership Office Ural Kilibayeva and Deputy Director of NIS Gulnar Salmenova shared information about the implementation of the NIS “Learn and Share” project through the implementation of the teaching practice of ENU students at NIS. At the moment, 3 students with a major in “Russian Language and Literature” (heoretical and Applied Linguistics Department) and 2 students with a major in “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” (Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department) have started online teaching practice at NIS and will be trained by experienced school teachers to teach humanitarian subjects in English.


The online meeting was moderated by Zhanna Beisembaeva, Head of the Foreign Languages Theory and Practice Department of the Faculty of Philology.


The series of meetings with outstanding teachers of Kazakhstan will continue soon. The guests will share their experience with students andgraduates of the pedagogical study programs of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU.