Online-discussion «State symols as a factor in the formation of national patriotism»

September 25, 2020, a teacher of the foreign languages department M.Zh. Tussupbekova with the third –year students of «Nuclear physics» specialty organized and held online-discussion «State symbols as a factor in the formation of national patriotism». 

State symbols are one of the powerful factors in the formation of patriotic and civil personality traits.  Students Zhienbaev Nurgassyr and Turdyakhan Akbota told about the importance and significance of the Anthem, Flag and Emblem. During the discussion students watched video materials from the social networks. These video materials present our compatriots who keep the Flag of Kazakhstan on the world arenas, sign the Anthem and proudly introduce out motherland to the whole world.  In fact, patriotism begins with the formation of a respectful attitude towards the state symbols. It is noted, that the state symbols of Kazakhstan represent the entire history of the Kazakh people (respect for the family, living of different nations under one ceiling or shanyrak, peaceful sky, steppe life with eagles and horses). This online-discussion proves that state symbols develop the national patriotism of the Kazakh people.