Nauryz - a Holiday of Peace and Good

 On March 16, 2021, lecturers of Foreign Languages Department ​​PhD, associate professor Kurmanayeva D.K. and senior teacher Nurgaliyeva U.S. held an online educational class with the students of the groups Industrial and Civil Construction (ICC) -11 and Standardization and Certification (CC) -11 on the theme "Nauryz - a holiday of Peace and Good", which was held in the form of the quiz.

The purpose of this meeting is to identify the value of the concepts of morality, luxury and generosity of Nauryz holiday. The students discussed the interethnic and national traditions and the main features of our state. The educational class was opened by the presenters Makhambet Nargyz and Tampysh Ayman, who spoke about the importance of this holiday, about how the multinational people of our country celebrate the Great Day of the Nation today. They also noted that this is a very important and special holiday for all Kazakhstanis.

   The meeting was continued with watching a video, where the youths of the ICC-11 group Bektileuly Bekarys, Bolat Mugazov, Dastan Osmanbay, Askhat Umirbekuly, Ali Seydakhanov, Ilyas Tolepbergenov, Shyngys Turapbay themselves demonstrated the national games of  Kazakh people. Then two presentations of  the groups ICC-11 and CC-11 were held and poems praising the peculiarities of our people and its traditions were recited, in particular, the student of the CC-11 group Apsalyamova Raikhan shared the topic "Kel Nauryz", and Serikkhanova Aidana read a poem in English language. It is noteworthy that the students prepared and conducted a quiz with interesting questions about the life, traditions and rituals of the Kazakhs. The participants took part with interest and promptly answered the questions of the quiz presented by Uzakbayeva Aizhan.

     In conclusion, the lecturers of the department Kurmanayeva D.K. and Nurgaliyeva U.S. thanked all students for their active participation and noted the high patriotism of the younger generation in the development of the intellectual potential of the nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The lecturers also noted that the celebration of the Nation Great Day has had a special, solemn tradition of our people for centuries.