Nauryz is a holiday of Peace!

     On March 16th2019 teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages Tazhitova G.Z., Shakhputova Z.Kh.,  Nurdybayeva A.K. and Tusupbekova M.Zh. organized a quiz on the theme "Nauryz is a Holiday of Peace". Students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Bt - 25, Bt - 15), the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (M - 21) and students of the Faculty of Philology (the Kazakh language and literature – 21) participated in the quiz. The purpose of the quiz was to recall the Kazakh national customs and traditions, national games on the eve of March 22nd - the Kazakh national holiday Nauryz. During the quiz a contest among students of these groups on Kazakh national customs and traditions, proverbs, songs and national games was held. Quiz participants were selected based on questions about Kazakh national customs and dishes.The competition consisted of different stages such as “Bastangi”, “Asem an men tatti kuy” and “Kokpar”. If in the "Bastagy" stage students competed in the ability to continue the proverbs, then in the next part "Konenin Kozi" they described national customs. At the “Assem an men tәtti kuy” stage, students listened to the melodies of songs, found the names of these songs. The final part presented a description of the Kazakh national games. After the quiz, the teachers and students watched the concert program.