Scientific and informative meeting «Strive to possess the five virtues»

On December 6, 2017, at 17.00 in the House of Students №5 there was held a scientific and informative meeting «Strive to possess the five virtues» («Bes narsege asуk bol»), dedicated to the brilliant poet, thinker, great figure of Kazakh literature – Abay Kunanbayev, prepared by the professors K.E. Tileshiva, A.M. Adilbek, senior teachers A.K. Magzumbekova, Sh.B. Salykzhanova of the Department of practical Kazakh language. The purpose of the meeting: to introduce the laudable life of the great poet, to tell about his valorous and educational activity. To set an example of the wisdom and moral qualities of the poet to students, to cultivate a sense of patriotism towards their country.

The first-year students of the Russian branch of the faculties of Information Technologies, of Law of International Relations attended the meeting, as well as the member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, the winner of the republican, regional poetry contest, poet, who also studies works of Abay Kunanbayev – Almahan Mukhametkalikyzy. At the meeting, the students watched documentary film about Abay and A. Mukhametkalikyzy, putting forward her thoughts on the activities of genius Abay, answered the students' questions. Students of the Faculty of International Relations TatevosyanTamilla, Akhmetova Anastasia read the 39th word of the edification (karasoz) of Abay, while students of Information Technologies and Law read excerpts from other works of the poet.

At the end of the meeting, the participants took a photograph for a memory.