Strengthening international cooperation and intercultural relations between Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and Gumilev Eurasian National university

The Master students of Philology faculty, speciality 6М011900 "Foreign language: two foreign languages" had a research internship at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in the period from November 28th to December 8th, 2016 (Georgia, Tbilisi) within the framework of strengthening international cooperation.

 The aim of scientific training is the study of new teaching methods, innovative technologies and elements of professional activity used at Tbilisi State University, increasing the level of theoretical and practical knowledge, experience exchange and strengthening of intercultural relations. 

Tbilisi State University is a university established on 8 February 1918 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Excluding academies and theological seminaries which have intermittently functioned in Georgia for centuries, TSU is the oldest university in Georgia and the Caucasus region. Over 18,000 students are enrolled and the total number of faculty and staff (collaborators) is 5,000. The university has five branches in the regions of Georgia, six faculties, 60 scientific-research laboratories and centers, a scientific library (with 3,700,000 books and periodicals), seven museums, publishing house and printing press (newspaper "Tbilisis Universiteti").

During the internship, the master students had a meeting with the Deputy Dean for the work with students and were introduced with the teaching staff trained abroad at the leading universities of the world and Master students of the Philology  faculty. The seminars of outstanding professors such as Izabella Petriashvili, Assistant Prof. Instiute of European Languages and Literature Nino Chrikishvili were attended.

The Master students searched for the scientific literature on the topics of theses in the library of Tbilisi State University and worked on the theoretical and practical part of a thesis during the internship.

A scientific round table involving master students, Deputy Dean and teaching staff was organized in the end of the internship. The closing ceremony with awarding of certificates was held.