Scientific Internship at the University of Pamukkale in Turkey

On  December 2017, a delegation of second year master students of the specialty “6M011900 - Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”  had  a research internship in one of the young and actively developing universities in Turkey – the University of Pamukkale. Pamukkale University was founded in 1992 and is located in a city in the south-west of Turkey – Denizli. Today, about 45,000 students study at the University of Pamukkale at the institutes of applied, medical and social sciences, departments of education, architecture and design, medicine, technical education, economics and administration, arts and sciences, engineering, health, foreign languages, sports sciences and technologies, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as six vocational schools.


During two weeks of the research stay at the Institute of Foreign Languages, undergraduates attended lectures on “Mythology” by Dr. Kumhur Yilmaz Madrana, “Russian Novel of the XX Century” by Ali Guven, “The English Novel of the XVIII Century” by Dr. Mehmet Ali Seliker, “Modern English Poetry” by Mehmet Ali Celiker. Participation in the seminar “Modern Methods of Teaching in Education” contributed to the informed choice by the teacher of passive, active and interactive forms and methods of teaching in the class. In this seminar, there were 26 modern methods of teaching foreign languages ​​ presented, whose basis of the development is a specific methodological and philosophical view.


We express special gratitude to the assistant professor of philological faculty Kenzhalin K. for assistance in organizing scientific internships for ENU undergraduates at the University of Pamukkale, Turkey.